Jeremiah Chapter 26 - King James Strong Number Version

In the beginning [H7225] of the reign [H4468] of Jehoiakim [H3079] the son [H1121] of Josiah [H2977] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] came this word [H1697] from the LORD, [H3068] saying, [H0559]
Thus saith [H0559] the LORD; [H3068] Stand [H5975] in the court [H2691] of the LORD'S [H3068] house, [H1004] and speak [H1696] unto all the cities [H5892] of Judah, [H3063] which come [H0935] to worship [H7812] in the LORD'S [H3068] house, [H1004] all the words [H1697] that I command [H6680] thee to speak [H1696] unto them; diminish [H1639] not a word: [H1697]
If so be they will hearken, [H8085] and turn [H7725] every man [H0376] from his evil [H7451] way, [H1870] that I may repent [H5162] me of the evil, [H7451] which I purpose [H2803] to do [H6213] unto them because [H6440] of the evil [H7455] of their doings. [H4611]
And thou shalt say [H0559] unto them, Thus saith [H0559] the LORD; [H3068] If ye will not hearken [H8085] to me, to walk [H3212] in my law, [H8451] which I have set [H5414] before [H6440] you,
To hearken [H8085] to the words [H1697] of my servants [H5650] the prophets, [H5030] whom I sent [H7971] unto you, both rising up early, [H7925] and sending [H7971] [them], but ye have not hearkened; [H8085]
Then will I make [H5414] this house [H1004] like Shiloh, [H7887] and will make [H5414] this city [H5892] a curse [H7045] to all the nations [H1471] of the earth. [H0776]
So the priests [H3548] and the prophets [H5030] and all the people [H5971] heard [H8085] Jeremiah [H3414] speaking [H1696] these words [H1697] in the house [H1004] of the LORD. [H3068]
Now it came to pass, when Jeremiah [H3414] had made an end [H3615] of speaking [H1696] all that the LORD [H3068] had commanded [H6680] [him] to speak [H1696] unto all the people, [H5971] that the priests [H3548] and the prophets [H5030] and all the people [H5971] took [H8610] him, saying, [H0559] Thou shalt surely [H4191] die. [H4191]
Why hast thou prophesied [H5012] in the name [H8034] of the LORD, [H3068] saying, [H0559] This house [H1004] shall be like Shiloh, [H7887] and this city [H5892] shall be desolate [H2717] without an inhabitant? [H3427] And all the people [H5971] were gathered [H6950] against Jeremiah [H3414] in the house [H1004] of the LORD. [H3068]
When the princes [H8269] of Judah [H3063] heard [H8085] these things, [H1697] then they came up [H5927] from the king's [H4428] house [H1004] unto the house [H1004] of the LORD, [H3068] and sat down [H3427] in the entry [H6607] of the new [H2319] gate [H8179] of the LORD'S [H3068] [house].
Then spake [H0559] the priests [H3548] and the prophets [H5030] unto the princes [H8269] and to all the people, [H5971] saying, [H0559] This man [H0376] [is] worthy [H4941] to die; [H4194] for he hath prophesied [H5012] against this city, [H5892] as ye have heard [H8085] with your ears. [H0241]
Then spake [H0559] Jeremiah [H3414] unto all the princes [H8269] and to all the people, [H5971] saying, [H0559] The LORD [H3068] sent [H7971] me to prophesy [H5012] against this house [H1004] and against this city [H5892] all the words [H1697] that ye have heard. [H8085]
Therefore now amend [H3190] your ways [H1870] and your doings, [H4611] and obey [H8085] the voice [H6963] of the LORD [H3068] your God; [H0430] and the LORD [H3068] will repent [H5162] him of the evil [H7451] that he hath pronounced [H1696] against you.
As for me, behold, I [am] in your hand: [H3027] do [H6213] with me as seemeth [H5869] good [H2896] and meet [H3477] unto you.
But know [H3045] ye for certain, [H3045] that if ye put me to death, [H4191] ye shall surely bring [H5414] innocent [H5355] blood [H1818] upon yourselves, and upon this city, [H5892] and upon the inhabitants [H3427] thereof: for of a truth [H0571] the LORD [H3068] hath sent [H7971] me unto you to speak [H1696] all these words [H1697] in your ears. [H0241]
Then said [H0559] the princes [H8269] and all the people [H5971] unto the priests [H3548] and to the prophets; [H5030] This man [H0376] [is] not worthy [H4941] to die: [H4194] for he hath spoken [H1696] to us in the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] our God. [H0430]
Then rose up [H6965] certain [H0582] of the elders [H2205] of the land, [H0776] and spake [H0559] to all the assembly [H6951] of the people, [H5971] saying, [H0559]
Micah [H4318] [H4320] the Morasthite [H4183] prophesied [H5012] in the days [H3117] of Hezekiah [H2396] king [H4428] of Judah, [H3063] and spake [H0559] to all the people [H5971] of Judah, [H3063] saying, [H0559] Thus saith [H0559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts; [H6635] Zion [H6726] shall be plowed [H2790] [like] a field, [H7704] and Jerusalem [H3389] shall become heaps, [H5856] and the mountain [H2022] of the house [H1004] as the high places [H1116] of a forest. [H3293]
Did Hezekiah [H2396] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] and all Judah [H3063] put him at all [H4191] to death? [H4191] did he not fear [H3373] the LORD, [H3068] and besought [H2470] [H6440] the LORD, [H3068] and the LORD [H3068] repented [H5162] him of the evil [H7451] which he had pronounced [H1696] against them? Thus might we [H0587] procure [H6213] great [H1419] evil [H7451] against our souls. [H5315]
And there was also a man [H0376] that prophesied [H5012] in the name [H8034] of the LORD, [H3068] Urijah [H0223] the son [H1121] of Shemaiah [H8098] of Kirjathjearim, [H7157] who prophesied [H5012] against this city [H5892] and against this land [H0776] according to all the words [H1697] of Jeremiah: [H3414]
And when Jehoiakim [H3079] the king, [H4428] with all his mighty men, [H1368] and all the princes, [H8269] heard [H8085] his words, [H1697] the king [H4428] sought [H1245] to put him to death: [H4191] but when Urijah [H0223] heard [H8085] it, he was afraid, [H3372] and fled, [H1272] and went [H0935] into Egypt; [H4714]
And Jehoiakim [H3079] the king [H4428] sent [H7971] men [H0582] into Egypt, [H4714] [namely], Elnathan [H0494] the son [H1121] of Achbor, [H5907] and [certain] men [H0582] with him into Egypt. [H4714]
And they fetched forth [H3318] Urijah [H0223] out of Egypt, [H4714] and brought [H0935] him unto Jehoiakim [H3079] the king; [H4428] who slew [H5221] him with the sword, [H2719] and cast [H7993] his dead body [H5038] into the graves [H6913] of the common [H1121] people. [H5971]
Nevertheless the hand [H3027] of Ahikam [H0296] the son [H1121] of Shaphan [H8227] was with Jeremiah, [H3414] that they should not give [H5414] him into the hand [H3027] of the people [H5971] to put him to death. [H4191]