Help Please! Configuration Issues


I have installed the latest version of the Bible module version 7.x1.5alpha3 in my modules folder but am having problems getting it to work on my site (on the sermons page) I have imported a bible and chosen it as my default bible. I have created the filter and typed [ICorinthians 12:18] as shown on my site but I get no pop up whatsoever. Also when I go to the site configuration from the admin menu I do not see the Bible module listed. I have to access the Bible configuration from the module install page. Please help. I would love to use this module but am horriblly frustrated at this point. Thank you.


Figured it out

I realized that when using books that contain the first or second you have to use the numbers not roman numerals for the first or second indicator and I had to correct some spacing issues. Once I corrected thos two things it worked great.

On another note: does anyone know how to make the box responsive so that it is smaller for less text and bigger for more instead of having a big mostly empty box when using just one verse?

It's my concern too....

Yes...I'm not so good at DHTML. So is there anyone can help?