How to get started


Sometimes we new users don't know how to get started to use this excellent module.

The first step, in Drupal 7, is to go to

and scroll down to the Downloads section where you will see the latest update available, for example:

7.x-1.4 tar.gz (70.22 KB) | zip (92.48 KB) 2011-Dec-28 Notes

right click on the tar.gz  portion (some call it opening a context menu) and find the 'copy link location' item. Click on that to copy the correct location to your clipboard.

Then go to your own site and open the Blocks section by finding


Then click on '+ install new module'

This will take you to a page that has 'Install from a URL' over a text box. Press ctrl-v (or command-v on macintosh) inside the text box to register the correct url location for the tar.gz of the module. If you prefer to have downloaded the module onto your own computer you will need to extract the archive and put the extracted location in the second text box. It usually is simpler just to paste the location into the URL text box and let Drupal do the extracting.

Then you will need to enable the module.

Finally when you look in Admin>Structure>Blocks, at the bottom you may find Drupal Bible, or Bible in the list of disabled blocks along with Daily Golden Verse and Daily Proverb, etc. You need to choose a location for the Bible Block or any others you wish to use. I used the configuration button and named the module 'Bible Search (so far KJV only)' and put it in the Bartik theme under 'Triptych last'. Other users will choose a different location and different title.

Finally, Bible Search appeared on the front page, and I could do basic searches without any problem at all on my own site.

Thanks again Mikelee