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Hi. Can you add a search to this forum...can't find it and trying to find out how to fix a couple of issues. When I search....for example "Sabbath" I get the listing but when I click on 'Next' or on a search page number, I stay on the first search results page. Also can't ge the strongs definitions pop-up box to populate. Just says 'wait' and nothing.



Which search?

Sorry I don't get you. Do you mean search function in Bible module or search in this site?


This site, unless you can help me out with the afore mentioned issues. I am working on adding it to

It's strange, last time I

It's strange, last time I visit your site, and found what you mentioned issue. I've check search function on, but no such result as you've posted. If your site is changed to WP, I could not help in WP environment.


Hi...I created a new site ( ) and added the Drupal Bible module to it. Still can't figure out why the strong's pop up box does not populate.


Done...sorry duh


Now I'll just laugh at myself for not figuring that one out on my own! LOL



Those pesky popups

That's for the I just want to get those strongs number popup boxes to populate. Not sure if I'm missing a module or something on my server I need to install.

Please make sure you got

Please make sure you got bible.js in your bible module directory. Or, check you web site could allow java script exection.

I'm running this on my own

I'm running this on my own server and still can't find the issue. the bible.js is in the proper directory. I'm thinking it's more of a PHP issue as javascript is client-side and normally doesn't run on the server.

Nothing I can find or think

Nothing I can find or think of can get those popup windows to populate with the strong's definitions.