Thank you for all the hard work

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Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on this. I am very excited as I will be incorporating your module and the work being done by Lucas Riutzel  :

Jackinloadup's sandbox: Bible: field


I am not a coder personally, but have strong skills in sitebuilding, graphics and design, and theme customizations. If there is any way I can assist please let me know. I am at your service:)

I am in the planning and initial testing phase of building a multifaceted community site focusing on scripture, testimony, encouragement, and user contributions:project name: "ARYSE".  I believe so strongly that especially in these times it is vital to encourage one other, to lift eachother up; and it is the Word of God(Jesus is the Word) and our testimonies that overcome the world. This is the main focus of the project as well as networking amoung the Body.  I am also open to any help with brainstorming on the project. I am taking it on alone as a personal project at this point, but am trusting God to bring the resources and put all the pieces together.


God Bless and thank you,

Jen Wolfe


PS I am attaching a peice of artwork I did, thought you may like it:)



Dear Jen:

   It's great that we can do some work on God's word. If you need any help/resource from bible.module, please let me know.


ps. Great artwork! Did you think about to design drupal themes for church/bible sites?