Web upload request



We've recently installed your Bible module and are very happy with it.

However, we're unable to successfully complete any Bible uploads. We've tried downloading the Bible files and uploading, but they fail about halfway. We've tried changing the timeout settings for php, but that hasn't helped.


As such, would you please make available a larger number of Bibles via the Web Upload function? That works just great.


Many thanks,


Biblical Proportions (http://www.biblicalproportions.com)

Can you use web-import?

Dear Sir:

    There's some issue I got to know:

    1. Do you host your site on an environment of your own or on an IDC?

    2. Did you use Web-Import for your bible usage? Or your bible is not on web-import list?


Hi Mike, We're hosted on a

Hi Mike,

We're hosted on a dedicated server, but I only have remote access to it - as such, not able to import downloaded files via localhost. I've used web import to import the 20 or so bibles that are available via that feature, but would like to use web import to import the remaining ones that are currently only available for download on your site.


Thanks and cheers,


Hi, BP:

Hi, BP:

   I guess that's because there's slow  between you and server. Otherwise, most situation will fast enough for file-import method.