How to Add Input format of Bible BLS Fitler


Step 0
Make sure bible module is already installed.

Step 1:
Goto admin/settings/filters/add page.
Specify the filter name, ex. Bible BLS Filter.
Check [Bible BLS Filter] on in Filters field. Usually, check [Line break converter] on will get more readable page.
Also check  suitable roles in [Roles] field.
Here's the snap:

Step 2:
Make a page and try the filter on Body: 

 Remember to select [Bible BLS Filter] in [Input format] section: 

 Click [Preview] button, if you move mouse on [_bible_blsdivhtml("GEN", "1", "1-2", "", "", "")] and found the popup block, then you do it right! 


BLS not working correctly.

Hello I just installed bible 7.x-1.4 version and enabled BLS filter. But when I use format it's not working correctly. 

I enabled [Bible BLS Filter] and [Line break converter] filters only. Imported bible-kjv-eng.bc for test...

I've attached resilt as screenshot.  Let me know your thought.

(_bible_blsdivhtml("JHN", "3", "16", "", "", " ")shown as :3:16 on result ... this is strange I think)


Please check bible configuration

Dear Tugsuu:

   Please goto admin/config/bible, in Bible List section, make sure that you've select a default bible.


Selected default one.

Sure I've selected default one. Default shows as light red backgrounded ...

Problem maker ...

I just figured out trouble.

I was aiming to add mongolian bible to my site and I just added few verses from mongolian bible.

After that I used mongolian BLS and english verse after that.

<code>[ЭХЛ:1:1-5] [_bible_blsdivhtml("JHN", "3", "16", "", "", "")]</code>

So if I move english first then BLS OK !!!. Does this mean my mongolian bible has problem ? I've attached mongolian bc file. (I dont have full one yet. Just using this for test now)



Chapter section is lack of full list

Dear Sir:

    Since You put only two lines in Chapter section, so when you lookup _bible_blsdivhtml("JHN", "3", "16", "", "", ""), module can not found the name of JHN, so just leave blank.

    Please fill in your chapter list and try again.


ps. If this bible version is public domain, can you give us a copy so that I can put it on download page?

I'll try fill all chapters then

Thx for fast reply Mike :).

I'll try filling all chapters then, And will let you know result.

Unfortunately the one I using is not for public :(.

BLS works ok but ...

Dear Mike. Thanks for advising.

I filled chapters and BLS working now. But I learned one thing. To show new book I have to add my book to the global variable $book_list in function bible_boot(). What I added was <code> $book_list .= '|ЭХЛ'; </code> I don't think it's an wise idea to add my codes to the module. It'll be replaced if I update module someday ... If I don't add my book to the $book_list BLS filter not filtering :(

So do you have any idea how shall I solve this ?


Chapter section got some bad-data

Dear Tugsuu:

    I got to explain the format of chapter section. There's 4 data in a line:


    First MAT is keyword, must follow $book_list 's keyword.

    Second Матай is full name of book, it's language-related.

    Third MAT is short name of book, it's also language-related.

    Fourth 2 is chapter count of this book.

In this format requirement, You should change this line:

    ЭХЛ|Эхлэл|ЭХЛ|2 ==> GEN|Эхлэл|ЭХЛ|2

And, in Context section, all leading data should in format of


So, this line should change from:

ЭХЛ|1|1||Эхэнд Бурхан тэнгэр газрыг бүтээжээ. 


GEN|1|1||Эхэнд Бурхан тэнгэр газрыг бүтээжээ. 



You saved much time for me thanks again Mike.


Another Q about BLS filter.

Hello again Mike.

I wonder if chapter/multichapter BLS filter is working ? In old drupal bible site there was example of whole chapter BLS filter.

If this works how can I use it (Currently it seems not working).

What I want is to show one or more chapters. Something like GEN:1-3, MAT:3 ... Maybe it'd be long and long scrolling verses there cuz of multi chapters :(.

You can do this, but....

Dear Tugsuu:

   I'll not suggest to show whole chapter in BLS filter, as you said, it will show a long section. Sorry...


BLS filter is working

Dear Madaline:

   BLS filter is still working, if you want a example of whole chapter BLS..... Did you try [ _bible_blsdivhtml("GEN", "1", "1-31", "", "", " ")] ?

   And, some url on your post is not relevant to drupal bible module, so I'll remove them.