How to make .bc file?


It's very easy to make .bc file. Just follow these steps and format, than you can easily make your bc from any bible context source.


There are three section in .bc file. Please follow the sequence of three section.

Bible Section --> Chapter Section --> Context Section

Each section begins with a "*" and the description. Here explain each section.


##Bible Section

This section begin with


Note that the word "Bible" is case sensitive.

Next line should describe the Bible. There's 3 item, seperate with "|":


For example, King James Version is Bible full name, and KJV is short name, and the language use for this vesion is english, so this line will become:

KJV|King James Version|en

Note that the BibleShortName should be a unique in a site.


##Chapter Section

This section describe all books in bible. Each line stands for a book. There should be in this format:


You can find BookBLSName list in .

BookFullName will appear in bible page. When you lookup any version of bible, this fullname will appear. Some block, search page will use shortname.

Note that BLS name is system keyword, don't change this part. Shortname can modify as what you like.

The line order will become the book name order. Bible module will check MAL as OT's last book and REV as NT's last book.


##Context Section

This section put all verses in bible. Please follow this format:


BookBLSName is same as Chapter section.

Chapter is number of what chapter of this verse.

Verse is the number of this verse in this chapter.

Linemark is some describe-title for some verses. If this line is title, add "*" as a linemark.

Context is the context of the verse. Note that system limit is 500 words.


I hope this can be useful for anyone who need to make .bc file. And, if you finish any version, it's so welcome that you can contribute in this site. Of couse, public domain or license-free version only can be downloaded...