How to Re-import .bc file without changing bible


Some time we need to re-import .bc file(Maybe some text error, correction...etc.). But you'll find that if you re-import, drupal bible module will not overwrite the bible, rather to new a bible version. This may sometime bothering.

If you want to re-import .bc file and hope there won't change bible id, you can modify .bc file slightly:

1. Open .bc file. This is purely text file, you can open it with any text editor.
2. Change the first line:(Take KJV for example:)

#shortname fullname language
KJV |King James Version| en 

Delete these lines, and add a line:

^ Bible| KJV | en 

Please notice that:
A. Leading character is "^"
B. Bible version name in second field
C. Bible language in third field

3. If you need change Book names, keep "*Chapter" section; otherwise you can remove this section. Usually this section will keep because some Book names mis-typing or translation.

4. If you need change context, keep "*Context". Please notice: system will delete all verses related this bible when "*Context" comes.