How to Install Bible module and Import .bc / .sn files


Important: This FAQ is for Drupal 7 sites. Drupal 5 or 6 sites might note that some path is not the same.

Step1: Install Bible Module

Goto admin/modules, find [Church] Section, you'll see: 


Please enable bible module and Save configuration. 


Step2: Administrating Bible Module

Goto admin/config/bible, and you'll see this: 

Step3: Download Bible Context File

Bible Module has only functions and database schema module. So you have to download (or your can home-make) a bible context file, we call .bc file. You can get .bc file in Download page. After download, remember to untar file. The untared file is plain-text file, you can open it using any text editor.

Step4: Import Bible

Goto admin/config/bible/import 


 is the [Browsing] button. Click the Browsing button and choose the file you just untared. 


You'll see the bible list after import. 

If you want to use this bible right now, just click [Select] link, and goto bible page, the function should be ready there.

Step5: More bibles import

If you want multi-bible reading, you can import more bible. Just repeat Step4 to import more bible context (.bc) files. You'll see like this: 

You got to select some bible as a default read bible.

Click [Select] link to decide which one is default bible. 

Step6: Import SN File

Many bible readers are not so well understand Strong Number.Please read What is Strong Number? 
First to download .sn file. The step is same as Step3, but to download .sn files. Remember untar this file after download.
Goto admin/config/bible/import, this time we'll use Strong Number import section: 

 In the same step, choose the file you just untared. 


And you'll see the Strong Number file is ready.

Remember to [Select] it. 

Step7: Choose a Bible with SN

Only SN is not enough. You have to choose a bible with sn. You can find the bible with sn in Download Page: 

Please notice those which has "with Strong Number tags", download this .bc file, and import this file: 

And, you'll find that in Strong Number Bible Selection section a bible list shown: 

Please [Select] it, and you can use this bible to read Strong Number.