What is Strong Number?


Many bibles we are reading are traslated bibles. Reading originally bible will show us more correct understanding in bible scripture. But, most of us are not scholars, so how do we know the originally word means?

Strong Number is a good tool to know the originally meaning. Each word in Hebrew or Greek Bible has a corresponding Strong Number, so that even we don't know the word, by the number taged we can lookup what this word tell us.

Strong Number has a simple form: H0001 or G0001. Most SN is only 4 or less number, indicate a corresponding Hebrew or Greek word. With the H/S character is to show which is Hebrew or Greek SN.

Also we must have the bible which mark with strong number. For example, in this webpage http://www.htmlbible.com/sacrednamebiblecom/kjvstrongs/B01C001.htm ,one can find that some word has link to correspond SN.

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