[Function] Search function advance option


After bible-6.x-1.3-alpha4.tar.gz, search function add a "Advance Options". Here we are going to explain how to use this new functions:

Click on Advance Options in Search page, you'll see:

1. When check "Use regex functions to search.", you can use Regex function in the search area. Ex.


You'll get all word those match this regex pattern.

Although regex is complex, but it's a powerful tool.

2. When check "Search keyword in all bibles.", all search will going through all bibles your site has installed. This function will execute regex function if the regex check is selected.

3. You can set the search range by using "Set books, chapters, verses search condition:". If you want search all books in bible, leave blank. But if you want search Old Testament only, you can just input "OT" on the range textbox.

Here are some example for search range setting:

OT Search in Old Testament
NT Search in New Testament
GEN Search in book Genesis.
GEN-EXO Search from Genesis to Exodus.
GEN:1 Search in Genesis Chapter 1.
GEN:1-10 Search in Genesis from Chapter 1 to 10.
GEN-EXO:1-10:1-50 Search from Genesis to Exodus, Chapter 1 to 10, verse 1 to 50.

This will not implied that _bible_blsdivhtml("GEN", "1", "1", "", "", "")-_bible_blsdivhtml("EXO", "10", "10", "", "", " ")is going to search from _bible_blsdivhtml("GEN", "1", "1", "", "", " ")to _bible_blsdivhtml("EXO", "10", "10", "", "", ""). 

Note: if you set search range, don't put keyword field empty. This will show ALL verses in this range.