[Function] Bible Note


Here we announce the new function of "Bible Note". The major purpose is taking a note of your bible study. But, you can do more and make it like a "Popup commentary" or "Personal commentary".

The following steps describe how to use Bible Note:

1. When you read a bible chapter, look out the menu at bottom, and clikc on "My Notes" link:

2. And you'll get a bible notes menu as following:

3. If you want add a single verse note, use "[Add Note]".

There's some field to fill:

Verse: better fill data. Use BLS format. This will make your note display on the tail of verse.(You'll see the result later)

Title: Just for remind you what about the note.

Content: Must filled field. 

Public/Private usage: If you select public, all user on the site will see your note; if you select private, only you can see this note.

Source: Another mark data of this note.

After you submit your note, you'll see the note list page, showing all the notes you've created:

Click on the verse, page will go to bible chapter page. Move your mouse to the verse you've add, and you'll see the note content popup.

4. If you want to add many lines of notes, use "[Add Multi Notes]":

You got a form again. Please make understand about the difference:

Note content: Please input the notes line by line. One line stand for one note. And, each line must have this format:

BLS|note content.....

For example, you might input the notes like this:

GEN:1:1|God create the world....
GEN:1:2|My second note....

Title, Public/Private usage, Source: Same as [Add Note]. But, all the lines will use the same fields.


After you submit your lines, you'll see the notes displace at the tail of verse, same as previous.

5. If you don't have a commentary, please try this file attached. It's Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, and is Public Domain data. So, download it, and unzip, use [Add Multi Notes], and you'll get a online commentary.