To print out bile chapter with the referenced verses?


I like the function that you can put your mouse on the reference field, so you can see the verse. But if I print out the bible chapter, I cannot see the referenced verses. I am suggesting that at the bottom of the bible chapter, please add a section which shows all the referenced verses (i.e. the actual verses from other books/chapters) for the above chapter, so that if I print that page, I will be able to see all those verses easily, this should be very useful for leading a bible study.

Format of Bible Data


If you got some public data that can help DrupalBible module, please following the format as following, and I'll import them into database:


Explain as following:

Title : The data could be show in bible data

BLS : Bible Location syntax. Please reference What is BLS?

Web upload request



We've recently installed your Bible module and are very happy with it.

However, we're unable to successfully complete any Bible uploads. We've tried downloading the Bible files and uploading, but they fail about halfway. We've tried changing the timeout settings for php, but that hasn't helped.


As such, would you please make available a larger number of Bibles via the Web Upload function? That works just great.


Many thanks,


[Support Request] Hebrew charset converter

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Good day everyone. I know It's been some time since I have spoken here.
I have been coding on the "other" similar project, which were a escape from the resource-eating drupal to the mobile realm. (The mobile modules didn't do the trick sadly).


There have been some progress. When it comes to bible content as well there. Much have been added to


Importing .SN or .BC file problems - Suggestion



Thanks. I can now create a topic on the forum.
As per my email, can you make the .sn file to be:

1. Web import


2. Imported from a directory on the local drupal installation by just dumping a .sn or .bc file there and then going to import page and then choosing the local file from that directory in the local drupal installation.

I got your mail saying you will think about it. Thanks.




The Days of Holy Week


Palm Sunday(Passion Sunday) MAT:21:1-9 MAK:11:1-10 LUK:19:28-44 JHN:12:12-19
Holy Monday(Fig Monday, Great and Holy Monday) MAT:21:12-13 MAK:11:15-17 LUK:19:45-48 JHN:12:12-19
Holy Tuesday(Great and Holy Tuesday) MAT:21:18-22 MAT:22:14 MAK:11:27-12:12 LUK:20:1-19
Holy Wednesday (Spy Wednesday, Holy and Great Wednesday) MAT:24:1-51 MAK:13:1-37 LUK:21:5-36
Maundy Thursday(Holy Thursday) MAT:26:26-29 MAK:14:22-35 LUK:22:17-20
Good Friday(Holy Friday) MAT:27:31-34 MAK:15:20-23 LUK:23:26-33 JHN:19:16-17
Holy Saturday MAT:27:57-60 MAK:15:42-46 LUK:23:50-54 JHN:19:31-42
Easter Sunday MAT:28:1-8 MAK:16:1-8 LUK:24:1-11

Seven Last Words of Jesus


1 LUK:23:34 LUK:23:34#KJV LUK:23:34#WEB LUK:23:34#CUV
2 LUK:23:43 LUK:23:43#KJV LUK:23:43#WEB LUK:23:43#CUV
3 JHN:19:26-27 JHN:19:26-27#KJV JHN:19:26-27#WEB JHN:19:26-27#CUV
4 MAT:27:46, MAK:15:34 MAT:27:46#KJV
5 JHN:19:28 JHN:19:28#KJV JHN:19:28#WEB JHN:19:28#CUV
6 JHN:19:30 JHN:19:30#KJV JHN:19:30#WEB JHN:19:30#CUV
7 LUK:23:46 LUK:23:46#KJV LUK:23:46#WEB LUK:23:46#CUV


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