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NUM:24:20And when he looked <H7200> on Amalek, <H6002> he took up <H5375> his parable, <H4912> and said, <H0559> Amalek <H6002> [was] the first <H7225> of the nations; <H1471> but his latter end <H0319> [shall be] that he perish <H0008> for ever. <H5703>
DEU:11:12A land <H0776> which the LORD <H3068> thy God <H0430> careth for: <H1875> the eyes <H5869> of the LORD <H3068> thy God <H0430> [are] always <H8548> upon it, from the beginning <H7225> of the year <H8141> even unto the end <H0319> of the year. <H8141>
DEU:18:4The firstfruit <H7225> [also] of thy corn, <H1715> of thy wine, <H8492> and of thine oil, <H3323> and the first <H7225> of the fleece <H1488> of thy sheep, <H6629> shalt thou give <H5414> him.
DEU:21:17But he shall acknowledge <H5234> the son <H1121> of the hated <H8130> [for] the firstborn, <H1060> by giving <H5414> him a double <H8147> portion <H6310> of all that he hath: <H4672> for he [is] the beginning <H7225> of his strength; <H0202> the right <H4941> of the firstborn <H1062> [is] his.
DEU:26:2That thou shalt take <H3947> of the first <H7225> of all the fruit <H6529> of the earth, <H0127> which thou shalt bring <H0935> of thy land <H0776> that the LORD <H3068> thy God <H0430> giveth <H5414> thee, and shalt put <H7760> [it] in a basket, <H2935> and shalt go <H1980> unto the place <H4725> which the LORD <H3068> thy God <H0430> shall choose <H0977> to place <H7931> his name <H8034> there.
DEU:26:10And now, behold, I have brought <H0935> the firstfruits <H6529> <H7225> of the land, <H0127> which thou, O LORD, <H3068> hast given <H5414> me. And thou shalt set <H3240> it before <H6440> the LORD <H3068> thy God, <H0430> and worship <H7812> before <H6440> the LORD <H3068> thy God: <H0430>
DEU:33:21And he provided <H7200> the first part <H7225> for himself, because there, [in] a portion <H2513> of the lawgiver, <H2710> [was he] seated; <H5603> and he came <H0857> with the heads <H7218> of the people, <H5971> he executed <H6213> the justice <H6666> of the LORD, <H3068> and his judgments <H4941> with Israel. <H3478>
1SM:2:29Wherefore kick <H1163> ye at my sacrifice <H2077> and at mine offering, <H4503> which I have commanded <H6680> [in my] habitation; <H4583> and honourest <H3513> thy sons <H1121> above me, to make yourselves fat <H1254> with the chiefest <H7225> of all the offerings <H4503> of Israel <H3478> my people? <H5971>
1SM:15:21But the people <H5971> took <H3947> of the spoil, <H7998> sheep <H6629> and oxen, <H1241> the chief <H7225> of the things which should have been utterly destroyed, <H2764> to sacrifice <H2076> unto the LORD <H3068> thy God <H0430> in Gilgal. <H1537>
2CH:31:5And as soon as the commandment <H1697> came abroad, <H6555> the children <H1121> of Israel <H3478> brought in abundance <H7235> the firstfruits <H7225> of corn, <H1715> wine, <H8492> and oil, <H3323> and honey, <H1706> and of all the increase <H8393> of the field; <H7704> and the tithe <H4643> of all [things] brought <H0935> they in abundantly. <H7230>