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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong's Number [H7225], total found [49] time(s).
NEH:10:37And [that] we should bring <H0935> the firstfruits <H7225> of our dough, <H6182> and our offerings, <H8641> and the fruit <H6529> of all manner of trees, <H6086> of wine <H8492> and of oil, <H3323> unto the priests, <H3548> to the chambers <H3957> of the house <H1004> of our God; <H0430> and the tithes <H4643> of our ground <H0127> unto the Levites, <H3881> that the same Levites <H3881> might have the tithes <H6237> in all the cities <H5892> of our tillage. <H5656>
NEH:12:44And at that time <H3117> were some <H0582> appointed <H6485> over the chambers <H5393> for the treasures, <H0214> for the offerings, <H8641> for the firstfruits, <H7225> and for the tithes, <H4643> to gather <H3664> into them out of the fields <H7704> of the cities <H5892> the portions <H4521> of the law <H8451> for the priests <H3548> and Levites: <H3881> for Judah <H3063> rejoiced <H8057> for the priests <H3548> and for the Levites <H3881> that waited. <H5975>
JOB:8:7Though thy beginning <H7225> was small, <H4705> yet thy latter end <H0319> should greatly <H3966> increase. <H7685>
JOB:40:19He [is] the chief <H7225> of the ways <H1870> of God: <H0410> he that made <H6213> him can make his sword <H2719> to approach <H5066> [unto him].
JOB:42:12So the LORD <H3068> blessed <H1288> the latter end <H0319> of Job <H0347> more than his beginning: <H7225> for he had fourteen <H0702> <H6240> thousand <H0505> sheep, <H6629> and six <H8337> thousand <H0505> camels, <H1581> and a thousand <H0505> yoke <H6776> of oxen, <H1241> and a thousand <H0505> she asses. <H0860>
PS:78:51And smote <H5221> all the firstborn <H1060> in Egypt; <H4714> the chief <H7225> of [their] strength <H0202> in the tabernacles <H0168> of Ham: <H2526>
PS:105:36He smote <H5221> also all the firstborn <H1060> in their land, <H0776> the chief <H7225> of all their strength. <H0202>
PS:111:10The fear <H3374> of the LORD <H3068> [is] the beginning <H7225> of wisdom: <H2451> a good <H2896> understanding <H7922> have all they that do <H6213> [his commandments]: his praise <H8416> endureth <H5975> for ever. <H5703>
PRO:1:7The fear <H3374> of the LORD <H3068> [is] the beginning <H7225> of knowledge: <H1847> [but] fools <H0191> despise <H0936> wisdom <H2451> and instruction. <H4148>
PRO:3:9Honour <H3513> the LORD <H3068> with thy substance, <H1952> and with the firstfruits <H7225> of all thine increase: <H8393>