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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong's Number [H7225], total found [49] time(s).
JER:49:35Thus saith <H0559> the LORD <H3068> of hosts; <H6635> Behold, I will break <H7665> the bow <H7198> of Elam, <H5867> the chief <H7225> of their might. <H1369>
EZE:20:40For in mine holy <H6944> mountain, <H2022> in the mountain <H2022> of the height <H4791> of Israel, <H3478> saith <H5002> the Lord <H0136> GOD, <H3069> there shall all the house <H1004> of Israel, <H3478> all of them in the land, <H0776> serve <H5647> me: there will I accept <H7521> them, and there will I require <H1875> your offerings, <H8641> and the firstfruits <H7225> of your oblations, <H4864> with all your holy things. <H6944>
EZE:44:30And the first <H7225> of all the firstfruits <H1061> of all [things], and every oblation <H8641> of all, of every [sort] of your oblations, <H8641> shall be the priest's: <H3548> ye shall also give <H5414> unto the priest <H3548> the first <H7225> of your dough, <H6182> that he may cause the blessing <H1293> to rest <H5117> in thine house. <H1004>
EZE:48:14And they shall not sell <H4376> of it, neither exchange, <H4171> nor alienate <H5674> the firstfruits <H7225> of the land: <H0776> for [it is] holy <H6944> unto the LORD. <H3068>
DAN:11:41He shall enter <H0935> also into the glorious <H6643> land, <H0776> and many <H7227> [countries] shall be overthrown: <H3782> but these shall escape <H4422> out of his hand, <H3027> [even] Edom, <H0123> and Moab, <H4124> and the chief <H7225> of the children <H1121> of Ammon. <H5983>
HOS:9:10I found <H4672> Israel <H3478> like grapes <H6025> in the wilderness; <H4057> I saw <H7200> your fathers <H0001> as the firstripe <H1063> in the fig tree <H8384> at her first <H7225> time: [but] they went <H0935> to Baalpeor, <H1187> and separated <H5144> themselves unto [that] shame; <H1322> and [their] abominations <H8251> were according as they loved. <H0157>
AMO:6:1Woe <H1945> to them [that are] at ease <H7600> in Zion, <H6726> and trust <H0982> in the mountain <H2022> of Samaria, <H8111> [which are] named <H5344> chief <H7225> of the nations, <H1471> to whom the house <H1004> of Israel <H3478> came! <H0935>
AMO:6:6That drink <H8354> wine <H3196> in bowls, <H4219> and anoint <H4886> themselves with the chief <H7225> ointments: <H8081> but they are not grieved <H2470> for the affliction <H7667> of Joseph. <H3130>
MIC:1:13O thou inhabitant <H3427> of Lachish, <H3923> bind <H7573> the chariot <H4818> to the swift beast: <H7409> she [is] the beginning <H7225> of the sin <H2403> to the daughter <H1323> of Zion: <H6726> for the transgressions <H6588> of Israel <H3478> were found <H4672> in thee.