Suggested 'What is a Strong Number' update



Many bibles we are reading are translated bibles. Reading the Bible in the original languages will show us a more correct understanding of bible scripture. But, most of us are not scholars, so how do we know what the original word means?


Strong Numbers are a good tool to reference the original meaning. Each word in the Hebrew or Greek Bible has a corresponding Strong Number, so that even if we don't know the word, we can lookup what this word is in the original by the number tag.


Originally, a man named Strong made a concordance of the King James Bible, in which, along with the reference he included numbers so that you could look up the word in Hebrew or Greek in the attached dictionaries. His system was well known (and in the public domain) so that others added to the dictionary and made the numbers standard for computer assisted Bible references.


A Strong Number has a simple form: H0001 or G0001. Most Strong Numbers have only 4 or less digits to indicate a corresponding Hebrew or Greek word. The H/S character is to show whether it is Hebrew or Greek.



Also we must have a bible which is marked with strong number tags. For example, in this webpage , one can find that some words have a link to its corresponding SN.



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