How to put passage in an article?


Many users ask for this function. This FAQ will explains how to use this function.

1. Write your article as usual. When you want to insert passage, just follow this format:


For example, if you want to insert _bible_blsdivhtml("Mark", "1", "10", "", "", " ")in article, use _bible_blsdivhtml("MAK", "1", "10", "#KJV", "", ""), KJV is the bible name, you should refer your site for which bibles you can use.

2. Change Input format

3. After Submit, you'll see the KJV passage in article.

4. If you want to use multi-version passage, you can use this function twice: .... in KJV,_bible_blsdivhtml("MAK", "1", "10", "#KJV", "", "") and in BBE, _bible_blsdivhtml("MAK", "1", "10", "#BBE", "", "")

**Note:** This function only support after 6.x-1.2-rc45.x-2.1-rc5