What is Bible Data?


What is Bible Data? 
Bible Data is the collection of internet bible resources. Each Bible Data has a BLS to match. So when user look any bible chapter, corresponding Bible Data will show below. 

What types do Bible Data have? 
So far Bible Data has these 
following types:

  • Commentary
  • Music
  • Gallery
  • Reference Verse
  • Daily Reading
  • Sermon
  • Other Data
    Not all type has data. I'll keep collecting data from internet. 

    Is all data here legally?
    Yes. I collection data only Public Domain license. If anyone find any data is not legally, please let me know. And, if you know any Public Domain data on Internet, or any institution can offer data without any copyright issue, I'll be happy to put this data in. 

    Can I help in data collection? 
    Sure. Thanks for any help. The quickest way is tell me where you can find the license-free data on internet.