How do I display the Bible with option to change chapter and verse?


Read Bible online. You can read bible in Drupal system and don't need jump to somewhere else.

Can I get specific instructions on how to display the Bible on my website?  I'm a newbie, need detailed instructions please.






Search Forums


Hi. Can you add a search to this forum...can't find it and trying to find out how to fix a couple of issues. When I search....for example "Sabbath" I get the listing but when I click on 'Next' or on a search page number, I stay on the first search results page. Also can't ge the strongs definitions pop-up box to populate. Just says 'wait' and nothing.



Help Please! Configuration Issues


I have installed the latest version of the Bible module version 7.x1.5alpha3 in my modules folder but am having problems getting it to work on my site (on the sermons page) I have imported a bible and chosen it as my default bible. I have created the filter and typed [ICorinthians 12:18] as shown on my site but I get no pop up whatsoever. Also when I go to the site configuration from the admin menu I do not see the Bible module listed. I have to access the Bible configuration from the module install page. Please help.

AJAX error with progress bars using Bible Module


This error was originally reported as an issue with Bible module on the web site by another user. I don't know if the original poster is still having the same problem, but I am getting the same error on my Church web site with the Bible module installed. I am running the latest version of Drupal 7 with version 7.x-1.4 of the Bible module.

Note disabled, but still able to add


My version of Bible is 7.x-1.5-alpha3.

I have Bible Note disabled via Configuration->Config

"Show Bible Note."

"Show Bible Note when user read chapter."   If I navigate to-   http://domain/bible/note/   I see a whole bunch of garbage notes added by anonymous user(s). Is this by design or a bug? If I click on "My Verses" link in the footer, I am asked to Login. I assumed Note would behave in the same fashion if I navigated to the path, despite not showing the link in the footer. Please advise and thank you in advance.

captcha module


Your captcha module is messing up, and it is very difficult to post on the forums.  I didn't see any way to contact you from this web page to inform you, so I had to post here.  The captcha stuff is not showing at least for me, and then I'm not able to post, well, not easily.  I'm guessing until somehow I catch a break and it lets me through.  I'm sure it is a module problem of some sorts with captcha.



Schema Database mismatch??


Ok, I had no problems till I installed Bible module.  I started getting these errors after the installation.  I'm working on Drupal 7.  Here is the error I'm getting. 


Error 1:

  • Field drup_bible_note.modified: no Schema type for mysql type datetime.
  • bible_note.modified: no type for Schema type :normal.
  • Field bible_note.modified: no Schema type for type .

Error box 2:


Setup Questions



Great module, it's one of the most comprehensive I've seen. However, I have a couple of queries/problems:

a) When saving the Daily Golden Verse block configuration I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: dgvbible_options in bible_block_save() (line 235 of/var/www/sites/truelife/sites/all/modules/bible/bible.module).

b) When going into the Bible module settings page I get the following errors:

Hungarian translation


Hi! Could you insert this translation into the downloads section, so I can use the "web import" in the module settings? I have a problem importing the .bc file (file size is over 2MB, and I don't have the rights to change the php settings).


chinese kjv


hello, i dont know this language; and its been some time since i converted content from this source im using. but i dont seem to get the verse reference to fit the bible content. whats missing?

Suggested 'What is a Strong Number' update



Many bibles we are reading are translated bibles. Reading the Bible in the original languages will show us a more correct understanding of bible scripture. But, most of us are not scholars, so how do we know what the original word means?


Strong Numbers are a good tool to reference the original meaning. Each word in the Hebrew or Greek Bible has a corresponding Strong Number, so that even if we don't know the word, we can lookup what this word is in the original by the number tag.


Show Notes when adding passage in article


Hi Mike,

can you please add a parameter to show the notes when adding passage in article, something like this:


the &N tells that it must show the notes (yellow notes icon linked to note if any) also. Maybe also &C for Commentaries and &RV for Reverence Verse

It must be active even if "active bibledata" is disabled.

I'm using 7.x-1.5-alpha3




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